Product FAQ

You will find the answers to the most common questions about MyChoice Professional Mastercard. If you can’t see the answer to your question below then please get in touch.

I own a business and I want to apply for a MyChoice Professional program. What process do I need to follow?

You need to fill the ‘Contact Us’ form in contact page. As soon as we receive your request, Wave Crest will get in touch with you for further formalities. You can also write to us at [email protected] with your requirement.

How can MyChoice Professional Mastercard add value to my business?

MyChoice Professional is a Mastercard card that can be used by the cardholders to get commission payments on the card, make purchases, withdraw cash, and manage funds easily and securely.

As a business owner, you can empower your agents by delivering their commission payments instantly anytime, wherever they are via MyChoice Professional Mastercard. It is a perfect alternative to the traditional bank account enabling you to disburse payments instantly and conveniently.

1. Freedom from costly and time-consuming bank transfers

2. Administrator Console with an online access

3. Ability to enroll cardholders and disburse funds to them online

4. Secure transactions enabled by Mastercard

5. Ability to track commission payments through your Administrator Console

What currencies is MyChoice Professional Mastercard available? Is it possible to fund the card in different currencies?

You have an option to choose MyChoice Professional Mastercard program in the following currencies

1. GBP


3. USD

Will I be able to manage funds online?

You will get an online access to your program account and you will be able to make payments online and keep track of your commission payments.

Will I get an administrator module / access?

Yes. You will get an administrator account that you will be able to access online. On this account you will be able to manage your funds, enroll cardholders and load funds to their account.

Is there any limit on the number of cards that I can order?

There is no limit to the number of cards you may want to order.

Who will the card be delivered to my firm or the card user's address?

A personalized MyChoice Professional Mastercard will be delivered to the Cardholder’s address directly.

Is the card accepted abroad?

MyChoice Professional Mastercard is accepted across the globe at all the location and ATMs where Mastercard is accepted.

How will the end users benefit from MyChoice Professional MasterCard?

MyChoice Professional Mastercard is a perfect alternative to a traditional bank account that is bound to empower your agents. The cardholders will get

1. Ability to receive commission payments on the card instantly

2. Easy and secure access to the cash

3. Online and Mobile access to their card account

4. Anytime, anywhere shopping, in-store and online

5. Ability to instantly transfer funds to other MyChoice Professional cardholders

6. Cash withdrawal at more than a million Mastercard ATMs across the globe

7. A simple and transparent fee structure

Can I terminate MyChoice Professional card issued by me to a user?

You will not be able to terminate an individual cardholder’s MyChoice Professional Mastercard.

What do I do if I want a MyChoice Professional card program customized to my business requirements?

Please contact us with your custom requirement and we will get back to you within 2 business days. Phone: +44 20 0333 1415